Closet Cleanse

Living in one of the busiest cities of all times, the residents of New York often find themselves wishing there were more hours in a day. One of the most important and frustrating problems is not having the time or knowledge to pick out the right outfit. It may sound silly and girlish, but it isn’t just people in thespotlight that needs to look good. In every industry, there is a time and place to look a certain way that will compliment your skills in rewarding manners. This business is designed to not only help its clients with selections on a daily basis, but also with special events and packing for travels.

Vision Statement: "Making look right, effortless."

Through partnership, the clients are able to develop a personal relationship with their organizer, allowing them to better understand their style and needs, and thus the longer they used the service, the better it will become. Closet Cleanse makes looking right all the time in an easy and affordable way.