Inspired by the ‘Contrexperience’ commercial, we wanted to improve the advertising industry through creating shared value locally in New York City. Corporations nowadays are viewed to be cold hearted and profit oriented. While having an obligation to their shareholders, we believe that positive promotion it is possible through creating interactive experiences while maintaining profit. Balance is key.

Vision Statement:  "To inspire positive change through everyday play."


Pulse is pitching the campaign “Haagen-Dazs Harvests: discover taste”. The campaign will be in collaboration with non-profit organization GrowNYC as well as video artist, Dustin Lynn, who has done multiple films for luxury companies such as LMVH and Alexander McQueen. This will compliment the company’s existing brand image and further high light its competitive advantage. A contest will be held amongst local farmers registered with GrowNYC to seek out the top five flavors with which Haagen-Dazs will then make into their new limited edition collection. In addition, Dustin Lynn will be making a video that shows the journey of which the winners took in creating the new flavors as well as their personal story. “Haagen-Dazs Harvests” will also involve voting of voluntary passersby. Through incorporating multiple personnels, Haagen-Dazs creates shared value and a new collection that is harvested through the people. 


Completed in collaboration with Gabriela Gonzalez & Jennifer Choi.