Collect the Nut

One of earth’s treasures is the coconut. Naturally rich in oil and water, it is a fruit that offers wonders beyond the taste. Although a tropical plant, there are already many businesses that have realized its value and branded it accordingly, such as Zico. However, it is far beyond the water in the coconut that we can utilize. Oils are good for cooking as well as lotions; the shell can be made into functional items such as bowls or jewelry 

“Collect the Nut” is designed as a collectible that can be distributed around the city as mini information brochures. With a total of 15 categories, including the designer’s note, each folds differently and introduces something unique about the coconut. Once an individual collects all 15, the brochures open up and can be combined into the map of New York City, thus symbolizing the completion of spreading the word of the coconut.