1990 I was born. My first memory of childhood came in when I turned 4. 1994 my parents took me to day care. Day 1, I screamed and kicked until I was taken home. Success, we never went back. 1995 Australia. 1996 decide that I want to be an architect when I grew up. 1997 develop first crush, Alex. 1998 gained citizenship and moved back to China. Spring, parents attempted to enroll me in a private boarding school due to lack of better education in local schools. I protest. But fail. Screamed and cried every Monday morning is continuing protest to transfer. Fail. Turn to better strategies. 2000 a new millennium arrives. Decision to study through summer in order to skip 4th grade—a response to parents’ promise to transfer out after finishing elementary school.  Success. 2001 Shenzhen. Enroll in Foreign Language School. 2004 citywide high school entrance exam. Failed to get into school of mother’s choice. Got yelled at. Summer, fell in love for the first time. Fall, enrolled in Shenzhen Senior High School. Met some of the best people in my life. Considering failure to be a good one. Consideration complete. 2005 attempt at SSATs and Toefl exam in preparation to enroll in international schools. Success. 2006 Shanghai. October, develop interest in basketball. Start managing varsity team. Consider future career in sports management. Let go of childhood dreams of being architect. Winter, artistic and creative abilities come into light. Success. 2007 Develop passion and love for the performing arts. May, plan prom. Success. June, receive excellence in arts award. Feel accomplished and recognized. September, go on school trip to rural China. Gain perspective through living and food conditions of locals. Want to make a difference. October, apply for college in the United States. Heart set on California. Fill out applications—10 in California, 1 in Chicago. Send. 7 approved. 2008 decide to go to Chicago instead. Party life away on 18th birthday. June, graduate from high school. July, decide to take the semester off. Fall, remain in Shanghai to work with high school and other community projects. Gain perspective. Realize the need to go back to school. Apply for visa. Success. 2009 enroll at Loyola University. February, dislike the cold. Decide to transfer to New York. Apply for Parsons the Newschool for Design. April, still snowing. Receive reply from Parsons. Success. Return to Shanghai for summer break. Intern at Praxis Podcast Company. Get introduced to new industry. August, move to New York and enroll. December, summarize first 6 months of New York: Disappointment. Too busy. Too distant. Find every chance that I get to get out and get away. Suck it up anyway. Go home for Christmas. 2010 try to be more involved with living in New York. Success. June, take a summer course in Tokyo. Learn Japanese. Make new and amazing relationships. June, take up an internship offer at Unilever in Shanghai. August, decide to go to Europe for the first time. Pick Barcelona. Go alone. Visit La Sagrada Famillia. Amazed, inspired, life changing. Make a decision to travel to unknown grounds by myself every year. Help gain perspective and re-prioritize life. August, return to New York. Come to realization that I had missed it and it was now considered home. Resume fall semester at Parsons. December, return to Tokyo for Christmas. Become a Shintoist. 2011 blur for the first half of the year. July, intern at Hassell, an architectural firm in Shanghai. Help select decorative accessories for a spa project at the Sofitel Hotel in Nanking. Learn to render 2D and 3D floor plans. Reconsider family business of construction and interior designs. August, take trip to south of France. Re-prioritize life. October, decide to study abroad. Apply for Central Saint Martins in London. Success. December, move out of apartment and spend first Christmas in New York. 2012 move to London. Dislike the weather. Go to as many live performances as possible. February, start 4 week Dance Lab at Central Saint Martins. Never been more stressed. Feel accomplished and more confident about pursuing career in theater production. April move back to New York. Apartment hunt. Success. June, take summer courses at New York University. July, start internship at Studio, an artist collaboration company. See potential in industry. August, resume school. October start internship at Classic Stage Company in pursuit of theater passion. See flaws in industry. December, join Dream:In China team. 2013 learn about self-strengths and weaknesses, decide to begin career in design strategies. Develop passion for social issues. 2014 move to California. Beginning of a new venture and a new page.